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并发 mg电子试玩app

What is 并发 mg电子试玩app?

These courses are offered at high schools 和 are taught by high school teachers with required credentials, who are mentored by a Saint Paul College faculty member. 并发 mg电子试玩app courses are permitted for high school students seeking both high school 和 college credit. This program allows students the opportunity to experience the academic rigor of college curriculum 和 strengthen their study skills in a high school environment. 并发 mg电子试玩app is like Postsecondary mg电子试玩app Options (PSEO), which allows students to take college courses on Saint Paul College’s campus.

学费, fees, 和 textbooks are covered at no cost to the student. (District 和 high school staff – please visit Cost Structure 和 Textbooks under 管理员 资源 for additional information regarding these charges.)

并发 mg电子试玩app courses are sometimes referred to as dual credit, dual enrollment, or college in the schools. Additional background is available at Minnesota Department of EducationNational Alliance of 并发 mg电子试玩app 合作伙伴关系.

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